This Frame of Reference for corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been developed by the “MVO Platform”, a coalition of Dutch Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) actively promoting CSR. The CSR Frame of Reference lists the relevant standards, agreements and operational aspects involved in CSR internationally. This is done on the basis of treaties, guidelines and instruments enjoying broad international support and leading, either directly or indirectly, to corporate social accountability and responsibilities. The CSR Frame of Reference has the following goals: • to identify the relevant international treaties, guidelines and instruments • to help standardise the way in which CSR concepts are expressed and defined • to promote the vigorous application of internationally recognised CSR standards; • to respond to the business world’s call on CSOs to provide a coherent vision for CSR • to guide the members of the MVO Platform – individually as well as collectively – in developing their strategies and launching fresh initiatives with a view to promoting CSR. read more less
publication cover - CSR Frame of Reference 2002
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