The factories owned by Foxconn produce millions of Apple products a year. The report by two NGOs claimed that Foxconn treats its workers like machines. They are given excessive overtime despite having a limit of 36 hours a month.

To meet the demand for the first iPad, the workers were given one day off every 13 days. The workers who perform badly would be humiliated in front of their colleagues.

The workplace is not just the only area criticized by the report. The workers stay in crowded dormitories with strict rules. One worker told the NGO researchers that he was forced to sign a confession letter for illegally using a hairdryer. Last summer, there were several suicides at the Foxconn factories. The workers were then asked to sign a statement promising that they would not commit suicide and promise to treasure their lives.

Foxconn made the first generation iPad for Apple and was expected to manufacture 100 million units by 2013. Apple has already sold at least 15 million iPads last year and has already reached the five million mark this year.

Source: Top Tech Reviews