Experiences from two CCC pilot projectson monitoring and verification of code compliance. For the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) China, as an important venue for garment production, was a logical place to situate some of the pilot projects on possible methods for monitoring and verifying compliance with codes of labour standards that the campaign started to become involved in between 1998-2001.1 These projects brought together major European garment companies/retailers with various CCC coalitions to test ideas on what possible methods could be used in good monitoring and verification systems. The CCC has long maintained that such systems must include channels for participation and a role in decision making for relevant stakeholders in the actual countries where garments are produced. From the CCC’s perspective these projects, intended to be multi-stakeholder initiatives to test paths for positive development, could only truly merit the label "multi-stakeholder" if the most important stakeholder -- workers -- were involved. read more less
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