The free trade agreement between the EU and Canada

On 29 June, the Dutch organisations Transnational Institute, Foodwatch, Milieudefensie, SOMO, FNV and Vrijschrift launched a new report in a series of Dutch publications on the sense and nonsense of trade agreements, and international trading system rules.

The publication “Facts and Myths about CETA” (CETA: Feiten en Fabels, only available in Dutch) focuses on eight different statements made by Dutch and European officials and government institutions involved in the trade deal. It looks at the promise that CETA will generate growth and jobs, the reform of ISDS, the prospects for sustainable development, the relationship between CETA and TTIP, the consequences for the agricultural sector and food safety, and how CETA handles data and privacy.

CETA, the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union, is an important step in the relentless march of free trade. Its proponents claim that treaties such as CETA are good for the economy and employment, but in practice, the interests of large companies are best served – while those of the small and medium enterprises that supply 70 per cent of all jobs in the Netherlands are definitely not!

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publication cover - CETA: facts and myths
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