The majority of SOMO’s funding comes from governments and private foundations. We also receive grants and membership contributions for the networks we host (MVO Platform,GoodElectronics, Tax Justice Netherlands, Lobbywatch and OECD Watch).

We are grateful for the financial support of our funders:

  • Adessium Foundation
  • The European Commission
  • Ford Foundation
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
  • Various development organisations, collaborations and funds including Civitates, CLUA, Freedom Fund, and National Endowment for Democracy

SOMO participates in two strategic alliances with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Fair, Green and Global Alliance and an alliance with Oxfam-Novib.

A small portion of our income comes from payment for research and other services commissioned by non commercial clients like civil society organisations and governmental and international institutions. See an overview of our clients.

SOMO will not accept funding from funders whose mission, vision or values are contrary to SOMO’s mission, vision, and values. To safeguard independent research on multinational corporations, SOMO shall not receive funding from:

  • Corporations, commercial enterprises, or development banks
  • Funders that have the purpose (whether explicit or not) to bolster the reputation of a corporation/ commercial enterprise (‘green washing’)

For more financial information read our annual report.