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Marjory Haringa

Vacancy Tech Mergers Project Coordinator (32 or 36 / week)

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SOMO is hiring a coordinator to lead the Merger Monitoring Project, together with a new global coalition of civil society organisations working to limit the power of tech corporations. The project aims to address harmful tech mergers, by monitoring upcoming mergers, and to organise a strategic response from civil society organisations. The coordinator will work with anti-monopoly and digital rights organisations, such as the Balanced Economy Project, Data Privacy Brazil, Open Markets Institute, and others from across the world, alongside SOMO’s Big Tech and monopolies researchers.

About SOMO

SOMO investigates multinationals. Independent, factual, critical and with a clear goal: a fair and sustainable world, in which public interests outweigh corporate interests. We conduct action-oriented research to expose the impact and unprecedented power of multinationals. We promote fundamental changes in our economic system to stop and reverse the harms done by multinationals. Cooperating with hundreds of organisations around the world, we ensure that our information arrives where it has the most impact: communities, courtrooms, civil society organisations, media, politicians, and more.

In recent years, SOMO has grown from a small-scale organisation to a non-profit organisation with about 50 passionate employees, who work to contribute to a fair, just and sustainable world.  The majority of SOMO’s staff work from our Amsterdam office, and collaborate with partners across all regions of the world.

The work culture at SOMO can be described as open, democratic, and informal. Employees are involved, passionate, and focused on collaboration. People are ambitious, critical, with a drive to contributing to a fair and just world.


SOMO is organised in several expertise teams: Advocacy and Networks, Climate Justice, Commodities and Sustainable Chains, Tax and Economic Justice, Corporate Research, Communications, Operations, and Management. SOMO also coordinates and participates in several (inter)national civil society networks.

Job description

SOMO is looking for someone to lead an exciting new project to limit the power of Big Tech. After years of unchecked growth, Big Tech firms have consolidated their grip over the economy at the expense of people’s privacy and ability to control their own data, workers’ rights, and small businesses. Key to achieving this power has been a string of corporate takeovers.

The Project Coordinator will lead the development of a global civil society network to revert the increasing concentration of market power of tech firms, by seeking to reform mergers and acquisitions processes across jurisdictions.

The coordinator will act as the central point for the network, preparing legal and advocacy materials, setting up information and monitoring mechanisms, representing the organisation towards media and regulators, and supporting the work of member organisations.

This will be a varied role that will give the chosen candidate the ability to work with a diverse network of partners and actively contribute towards the growing anti-monopoly movement.  

Main responsibilities

Key requirements / skills

We offer


Please send your application in English to before 13 October.

Please ensure your application consists of 1 PDF document, comprising

  1. a maximum 1-page letter of interest addressing the key requirements/skills;
  2. a maximum 2-page CV; and
  3. a maximum 2-page writing sample.

Please title the PDF document, ‘First name Last name – Tech Mergers Project vacancy’. Applications that do not meet these requirements may not be considered.

We aim to hold the first round of interviews in the week of 16 October and the second round of interviews in the week of 23 October.

SOMO believes in the power and necessity of a diverse and inclusive organisation. We are striving for more diversity and better representation of people with different backgrounds in our team.

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