SOMO Services offers tailor-made corporate investigations that provide useful, clear and strategic analysis. We build on more than forty years’ experience researching companies and evaluating their performance in relation to sustainable development. The assignments and financial support of clients and donors, have enabled building this knowledge.

We understand the specific needs and challenges of civil society organisations with respect to corporate research.

We specialise in:

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Company Research

SOMO Services offers the information you need on a company, everything from its structures, finances, business and communications strategies, even its offshore accounts and tax avoidance.

Sector Research

SOMO Services’ professionals have both extensive and detailed knowledge about key sectors, markets and their dynamics. Our sector research includes business strategy analyses and benchmark analyses drawn from a wide variety of sources and methodologies.

Supply Chain Research

SOMO Services investigates the supply chains of global products and individual companies to assist organisations in preventing, exposing or putting a stop to labour or human rights violations, corruption and unsustainable practices.

Public Policy Analysis

SOMO Services conducts detailed research and analysis on the impact of public policies at national, EU and international levels.

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