SOMO Services supports organisations and institutions seeking to make the most of their interaction with companies. Our experts have advised and assisted civil society and public organisations worldwide as they develop relationships and policies related to corporations – everything from consideration of corporate partnerships to participation in multi-stakeholder initiatives to development of procurement policies or criteria for ethical screenings. SOMO Services has been a trusted adviser to all types of organisations and institutions, from community-based organisations to large pension funds.

Corporate partnership policy

SOMO Services helps organisations assess the ethical aspects of potential partnerships and assists them in shaping corporate partnership policies.

Multi-stakeholder initiatives policy

SOMO Services guides organisations through the promise and pitfalls of different types of multi-stakeholder initiatives and assists them in developing strategies to maximise the effectiveness of their participation in multi-stakeholder processes.

Sustainable and ethical public procurement in the Netherlands

SOMO Services can assist public and semi-public institutions in the Netherlands in their efforts to implement sustainable and ethical procurement policies.

Grievance mechanisms

SOMO Services has the expertise and experience to assist civil society organisations. We provide advice, document and draft effective complaints to address corporate misconduct through non-judicial grievance mechanisms.

Lobby and Campaigns

SOMO Services supports civil society organisations with their lobbying and campaigning towards companies and policy makers. Through our tailor made research and expert input on national and international public policy we provide the fuel for knowledge driven change.

Expert input

SOMO Services frequently delivers expert input in the form of lectures, workshops and seminars.

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