Many grievance mechanisms will have sample complaints you can use, which can be very helpful. When you are writing a complaint, strive to write it as clearly, concisely and persuasively as possible:

  • Your complaint will be most persuasive if it is backed up with substantial and credible evidence, and it should clearly outline the standards covered by the mechanism that are allegedly being violated.
  • Conclude your complaint with a clear formulation of your demands and expectations both towards the company/ies and the grievance mechanism. If you are unclear how the complaint will be handled, request the grievance mechanism to explain and outline the process.
  • In addition, if the allegations require substantial explanation, it may be worthwhile to write a more concise account for the complaint and include an annex with a more comprehensive explanation. Also try to avoid using too much jargon or too many acronyms.
  • The complaint drafting process, especially if it involves many people, can help to clarify what you do know and what you may need to research or explore further.