publication cover - The Poisonous Pearl

The Poisonous Pearl

Occupational chemical poisoning in the electronics industry in the Pearl River Delta, People’s Republic of China
publication cover - The Poisonous Pearl

Brazil, the new manufacturing hotspot for electronics?

In recent years, several electronics multinationals set up business in Brazil. It looked as if Brazil would become the next global manufacturing hub. In this paper SOMO and Repórter Brasil aim to provide an overview…

Flexibility problematic for Hungarian electronics workers

Wages too low to support a family, circumvention of overtime payments violating international standards, 12-hour shifts and temporary agency workers exceeding the number of permanent workers in times of peak production. Many of the labour…

Improvements mobile phone charger manufacturer in Shenzhen

One of every two mobile phones is manufactured in China. In 2008, makeITfair published a report about poor working conditions at factories that mobile phone companies source from. One year later, two of the factories…