Rio Tinto: No progress, only hollow talk

Photo: Center for Biological Diversity As Rio Tinto prepares for its 9 April Annual General Meeting, campaign groups from five continents have come together to pressure the company to meet its commitments and answer demands…

Rio Tinto, don’t dodge the questions

On 13 May, SOMO and seven other organisations that put questions to Rio Tinto at its London AGM on 8 April wrote an open letter to Rio Tinto’s Chief Executive Office, Jean-Sebastien Jacques, because the…

Open letter to Rio Tinto

SOMO and seven other NGOs have sent a joint letter to mining multinational Rio Tinto to formally complain about the lack of response to questions raised by shareholders and proxy attendees at the company’s Annual…

How Rio Tinto avoided $700 million in taxes

publication cover - Mining taxes

Mining taxes

Rio Tinto’s tax schemes lead to nearly $700 million tax revenue losses for Canada and Mongolia
publication cover - Mining taxes

Uranium mines threaten African people and nature

Uranium exploitation leads to large-scale radiological and toxic contamination around many mining sites in Africa. Multinational mining companies remain largely unregulated and unaccountable, public participation in decision making regarding uranium mining is minimal, and long-term…