Dutch Garment Agreement takes up complaint against C&A

The Complaints and Disputes Committee of the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles has informed SOMO, Action Labor Rights and the Clean Clothes Campaign that it will take up the complaint they submitted last…

Garment factory workers walk down the footpath near their home on their way to work. The girls get a stipenf of 300 kyats ($0.25 USD) if they choose not to take the shuttle bus provided by their factory.

Towards a new normal

What must change in the Myanmar garment industry post-Corona crisis – a research into the labour conditions of two factories

Complaint against C&A submitted to Dutch Garment Agreement

Garment giant not addressing problems at supplier in Myanmar Today, SOMO, the Clean Clothes Campaign Netherlands (SKC) and Action Labor Rights (ALR) from Myanmar are submitting a complaint about C&A garment company to the Complaints…

Garment industry in Myanmar far from fair

After years of sanctions, trade with Myanmar (formerly Burma) has started to flow. Low wages and favourable trade conditions are luring garment production from the region to this fragile democracy. Big and lesser known European…

Branded Childhood

How garment brands contribute to low wages, long working hours, school dropout and child labour in Bangladesh

Flawed Fabrics report has international impact

A report titled ‘Flawed Fabrics’ was published recently. Jointly authored by the SOMO and the India Committee of the Netherlands (LIW), it describes how the South Indian girls and young women who make the yarn…

Made by…whom?

Where are our clothes made? What route do they follow from cotton field to yarn to garment? Bargain-seekers have no way of knowing how things actually work in spinning mills and garment factories. But then…

Fatal Fashion

Analysis of recent factory fires in Pakistan and Bangladesh: a call to protect and respect garment workers’ lives