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Are you an idealistic expert with roots in the nonprofit sector and do you want to help us kick the ass of corporate power? If so, we are looking for you!

We are currently looking for two members for SOMO’s Supervisory Board: one general member and one person with experience of financial management who can take a lead on financial oversight.

About SOMO

SOMO investigates multinationals. Independent, factual, critical and with a clear goal: a fair and sustainable world, in which public interests outweigh corporate interests. We conduct action-oriented research to expose the impact and unprecedented power of multinationals and promote fundamental changes in our economic system to stop and reverse the harms done by multinationals. Cooperating with hundreds of organisations around the world, we ensure that our information arrives where it has the most impact: to communities, courtrooms, civil society organisations, media and politicians and more.

About SOMO’s Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is responsible for the supervision of the SOMO’s Executive Board (consisting of SOMO’s Executive Director, Audrey Gaughran) and for the general course of affairs within SOMO. The Supervisory Board members, as passionate experts, also engage with SOMO staff to provide advice on critical corporate power issues. The Supervisory Board meets at least three times a year.

The Supervisory Board currently consist of three persons and wants to expand to five. The members of the Supervisory Board do not receive any remuneration for their work. However, the members are entitled to reimbursement of incurred costs.


  • Financial expertise (we are looking for one of the two new members to have experience with NGO finances)
  • Supervisory Board members agree with the mission, vision and goals of SOMO and are, or have been, involved in activities that serve these goals in one way or another.
  • Supervisory Board members have a vision about how to fulfil a supervisory task, whereby the management lies with the SOMO staff.
  • Supervisory Board members represent a network relevant to SOMO.
  • Members of the Supervisory Board are familiar with the management, business operations and functioning of civil society organisations and the requirements set by the relevant stakeholders.
  • Supervisory Board members have experience with international cooperation and international issues. Because we want to increase our international outreach, we are looking for members within and outside the Netherlands.


You can send your applications in English by e-mail to Audrey Gaughran via  Comments before 10 January 2022.

SOMO believes in the power and necessity of a diverse and inclusive organization. We therefore strive for more diversity and better representation of people with different backgrounds.