SOMO has a detailed Integrity Policy aimed at preventing unethical behavior and other forms of wrongdoing and malpractice. The policy includes procedures for follow-up on alleged misconduct.

SOMO employees are expected to adhere to the SOMO Code of Conduct, which makes explicit the principles for the research we do ourselves, and the research done by others for SOMO. These principles include effectiveness, independence, reliability, protection of sources, quality, transparency, cooperation, right of reply, and accountability.

Filing a complaint

If you have a complaint, please let us know via our online complaint form or via SeeHearSpeakUp, a third party independent whistleblowing service. The service will act impartially to any concern that you raise that violates SOMO’s organisational policies and Code of Conduct.

Complaints can be submitted to SeeHearSpeakUp through an online form, by email or phone:

  • From the Netherlands: 0800 022 2398
  • From other countries: +44 1224 379303